Release Notes

Major Changes

Change of Licence

We have decided to change the software licence to LGPL, which hopefully makes the use of CBR in different projects easier.

Case Base Export

Case bases can now be exported by either using the new menu entry (Case Base >> Export) or by right-clicking on the concept.

Case Base Statistics

We added information on case bases that are displayed in the case base view once a case base is selected as well as when a case base is exported.

Enhancing Retrieval Handling

Now its possible to save retrieval results: Underneath the retrieval button we added an additional button that allows to safe the retrieval results in CSV files. Be aware that only the truncated list of results is saved. Further on in the detailed results view matching values are now marked according to their similarity (dark green is a high match, light green is a low match; the colors match the similarity modeling view).

Model View

Values in similarity tables are now ordered alphabetically for easier access in larger value ranges.

Full List of Bug Fixes and New Features