myCBR is an open-source similarity-based retrieval tool and software development kit (SDK). With myCBR Workbench you can model and test highly sophisticated, knowledge-intensive similarity measures in a powerful GUI and easily integrate them into your own applications using the myCBR SDK. Case-based product recommender systems are just one example of similarity-based retrieval applications.

myCBR is a joint effort of the Competence Centre CBR at DFKI, Germany, and the School of Computing and Technology at UWL, UK.


We've published a new version of myCBR, which contains some new features and bug fixes. Also, as of now myCBR is distributed under the LGPL licence. For more detailed information, read the release notes.

Follow the news of our project team at myCBR News.


myCBR Workbench

myCBR Software development Kit (SDK)

myCBR Workbench and SDK

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